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Issue Number 33 SEPTEMBER 2014
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Physical Properties Terms

Tensile strength, elongation, tear resistance – they all help to describe how the tubing performed during testing and indicate how it may function in an application. But what exactly do they mean?

Brittle Temperature - The temperature at which the material will fracture due to cold-induced loss of flexibility

Compression Set - A permanent deformation remaining after the release of pressure or tension exerted on a material; applies primarily to elastomers

Durometer - see Hardness below

Elasticity - The property of a material to recover its original size and shape after deformation

Elongation - The amount of extension of an object under stress, usually expressed as a percentage of its original length

Flexural Strength - A material's resistance to cracking or breaking during bending expressed as the tensile strength of the outermost fibers at the moment of failure

Hardness - The resistance of a material to abrasion, compression, indentation and scratching; also how soft or hard a material feels; frequently called its durometer, which references a material hardness measuring instrument

Impact Strength - A material's ability to withstand an intense, sudden force (called shock load)

Maximum Operating Temperature - The highest temperature at which a tube is recommended to be used; this temperature should never be exceeded

Modulus of Elasticity - The ratio of stress applied to a body or substance to the resulting strain within the elastic limit

Shelf Life - The period of time during which a material or product may be stored; provided by the manufacturer of the product along with its appropriate storage conditions

Specific Gravity - The ratio of the mass of any volume to the mass of an equal volume of another substance taken as a standard; the standard for solids and liquids is typically water; for gases the standard is air

Tear Resistance - The ability of a material to withstand a force acting to initiate and then propagate a failure at the edge of a test specimen

Tensile Strength - The maximum tensile stress sustained by the specimen before failure in a tension (pull) test; usually expressed in pounds per square inch (psi)

Vicat Softening Point - The temperature at which a flat-ended needle of 1 mm2 circular cross section will penetrate a thermoplastic specimen to a depth of 1 mm under a specified load using a selected uniform rate of temperature rise


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