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Issue Number 41 FEBRUARY 2016

A Fitting Comparison

Barbed, push-to-connect, compression, cam operated – how do you decide which one to use? Here's a quick rundown:

barbed fittingBarbed

  • What it looks like: This fitting has a single barb or multiple barbs on at least one end.
  • Styles available: Tees (T's), wyes (Y's), elbows, adapters, swivels, single use/disposable
  • How it works: The barbed end is inserted into the end of a section of tubing. The function of the barbs is to grip the interior wall of the tubing, without damaging the wall, to assist with holding the fitting in place.
  • Works best with: Soft tubing such as flexible PVC, polyurethane, silicone, thermoplastic rubber, latex and Viton®
  • Tools needed for installation: None, except those that may be needed for clamp installation
  • Clamps required?: Yes, except in very low pressure applications. NewAge offers Kwik Clamp nylon double bond clamps, Oetiker® ear type clamps and stainless steel worm gear clamps.
  • Tips: The O.D. of the barbed area on the fitting must be larger than the I.D. of the tubing, and there should be some resistance when the fitting is inserted into the tubing.
  • Fitting materials offered by NewAge Industries: Nylon, polyethylene, PVDF, polypropylene, brass
  • NewAge's brand name: Thermobarb®

For the complete article on barbed fittings, see extrusions issue 25.

Push-to-connect fittingsPush-to-Connect

  • What it looks like: Each port in a push-to-connect fitting typically has a collet (or collar), a gripper, and an O-ring, surrounded by a body.
  • Styles available: Tees (T's), wyes (Y's), elbows, adapters, reducers, straight connectors, three-way and four-way connectors, end stops, check valves
  • How it works: The fitting's gripper tightly grasps the exterior of the tubing. An O-ring forms a seal between the exterior of the tubing and the interior of the fitting body to prevent leaks. The body's job is to provide a smooth interior for fluid or air flow between sections of tubing and to hold everything in place. Push-to-connect fittings are easy to attach, disconnect and reattach.
  • Works best with: Rigid and semi-rigid tubing like nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Tools needed for installation: None
  • Clamps required?: No
  • Tips: Covers for collets are available to help prevent accidental depression of the collet and tubing disconnection. Collets come in colors for coding and identification.
  • Fitting materials offered by NewAge Industries: Acetal, brass
  • NewAge's brand name: Newloc®

For the complete article on push-to-connect fittings, see extrusions issue 26.

compression fittingsCompression

  • What it looks like: A compression fitting uses three-to-four components per fitting (body, nut, ferrule, and sometimes a gripper) to put pressure on a tube's O.D., creating a secure seal.
  • Styles available: Tees (T's), elbows, adapters, straight connectors
  • How it works: The nut of the fitting is tightened onto the fitting body, and a ferrule compresses around the O.D. of the tubing to create a seal.
  • Works best with: Rigid tubing such as fluoropolymer
  • Tools needed for installation: Wrench
  • Clamps required?: No
  • Tips: NewAge's compression fittings are well suited for corrosive environments and chemicals and for ultra-pure fluid applications where contamination-free systems are needed. A complete fluid transfer system made of fluoropolymer is possible.
  • Fitting materials offered by NewAge Industries: PFA fluoropolymer
  • NewAge's brand name: Pureloc®

For the complete article on compression fittings, see extrusions issue 31.

cam-op couplingsCam Operated

  • What it looks like: A complete cam operated coupling has two parts: a coupler with handles and a grooved adapter.
  • Styles available: Adapters and couplers with barbed or National Pipe Thread ends; plugs and caps are also available
  • How it works: Adapters and couplers are attached to the ends of hoses using clamps. Each coupler has two cams – movable pieces that fit into a groove, rotate and lock the two fitting components into place. Adapters and couplers are easy to attach, disconnect and reattach to each other.
  • Works best with: Softer hose such as flexible PVC and polyurethane; cam operated couplings are typically used with reinforced hose
  • Tools needed for installation: None, except those that may be needed for clamp installation
  • Clamps required?: Yes; Kwik Clamp nylon double bond clamps, Oetiker ear type clamps and stainless steel worm gear clamps are available from NewAge.
  • Tips: Also known as cam and groove, cam groove, cam op, cam lever, cam lock, cam couplings or cam fittings
  • Fitting materials offered by NewAge Industries: Nylon, polypropylene, food grade polypropylene and PVDF

For the complete article on cam operated couplings, see extrusions issue 27.

If you need assistance selecting the best fitting and clamp for your application, contact a Fluid Transfer Specialist at 800-506-2934, 215-526-2300 or info@newageindustries.com.



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