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Tech TalkTech Talk - Custom Terminology for Tubing and Hose

Additive – A substance compounded into resin to enhance certain characteristics such as plasticizers (for flexibility), light stabilizers, flame retardants, etc.

Assemble – To attach tubing or reinforced hose to fittings, typically with the intent that the assembly be ready to use upon receipt

Bond – To attach one object to another by means of heat, pressure and/or an adhesive; NewAge bonds tubing with its Hot Bond® process that uses no adhesive

Co-Extrusion – The technique of extruding two or more materials through a single die being fed by separate extruders, forming an inner layer (liner) and an outer layer (cover); the liner and cover are sealed during manufacture to form a unified tube

coiled tubingCoil – A heat form process used to enhance the flexibility of tubing; helical coiling allows for stretching, pulling and twisting that is not otherwise possible in the tubing's original form



cuffed endCuff – A smooth end on an irregularly surfaced tube (such as NewAge's Contef™ and Corrtef™ fluoropolymer tubing) enabling the secure and leak-free fitment of the tube to its termination point



Compound – A blend of raw plastic material with additives or other materials to achieve specific performance requirements in the finished tubing such as decreased tackiness, resistance to fungus growth or improved elasticity; often called resin

Heat form – To form, bend or shape tubing or hose after its initial manufacture by the use of heat; typically accomplished using fixtures and dry heat, although dipping in hot oil and reformation may be used depending on the tubing or hose material

Heat seal – To join the interior of plastic tubing to itself by simultaneously applying heat and pressure to the areas in contact

In-line cutting – Tubing or hose cut to a specified length as it exits the extrusion equipment (post extrusion cutting is also available from NewAge)

Irradiate – To send tubing through a gamma ray process, typically for the purpose of sterilization

Jacket – Braided metal or fabric material in tubing form that encases another tube primarily for the purpose of bundling dissimilar tubes, aesthetic alteration (i.e., color), and/or providing electrical conductivity or grounding

Layline – A line of printing on the outside of tubing that runs the length of the tubing and is for identification purposes

Mold – A hollow form or cavity into which molten material is placed to produce the shape of the required component

Multi-lumen – Tubing containing multiple passages within its interior; the passages, or lumens, may be of varying sizes

Overbraid – Braided metal or fabric material in tubing form that encases another tube to enhance pressure carrying capabilities and provide protection from heat, friction, chemical attack, kinking and/or crushing

Parting line – A line sometimes formed on a finished molded part caused by the mating surfaces of the mold

Plasticize – To impart softness and flexibility in a plastic through the addition of a plasticizer additive or the application of heat

Postform – To form, bend, or shape tubing or hose after its initial manufacture

Print – To print specified text on the outside of tubing for identification purposes; often called a layline

Reinforcement – A material used to reinforce, strengthen or give dimensional stability to another material; for reinforced hose, mesh braiding is commonly used and typically appears in a diamond-shaped pattern between an inner tube and its outer cover

Ribs – Longitudinal raised lines on the outside of tubing typically used for better hand gripping

Sleeve – To encase a tube in another tube, usually of a different material, for reasons such as high temperature exposure or wear protection

Slit – A long, straight, lengthwise cut in a piece of tubing or hose

Tracer – Colored braiding used for line identification purposes; typically only one line of braid material is colored while the rest remain white


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