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Product Comparison – Butyl vs. Nitrile

NewAge Industries has supplied reinforced hose in PVC, polyurethane and silicone for decades, but butyl and nitrile hose are newer offerings. Like many of our products, they're designed to work well in several applications. Their material characteristics, however, make them especially good for particular uses. Here we compare the two.

butyl  hoseButyl hose is a heavy duty, multi-layered product designed for both suction and discharge applications. Its smooth, white, chlorobutyl rubber liner allows unrestricted flow and minimizes entrapment and blockage concerns. Butyl hose has a microbe-resistant liner that's free of animal-derived ingredients and a durable, green EPDM cover. The hose will not impart any taste or odor to products flowing through it and meets FDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards.

Butyl hose is rated for full vacuum (29.9 in./Hg.), thanks to its multiple layers and helical steel wire reinforcement. Its working pressure is rated to 150 psi at 70°F/21.1°C, and it handles Clean In Place (CIP) processes to 248°F/120°C. Butyl hose works best in non-oily beverage and food applications such as potable water, beer, wine and juices. NewAge offers the hose in 1.5", 2" and 3" I.D., as well as Tri-Clamp fittings for attachment.

nitrile  hoseNitrile hose has many of the same performance characteristics as butyl. In fact the major differences between the two products are the liners, the applications for which each is best suited, and their appearance.

Like butyl hose, nitrile has a smooth, white inner surface that's microbe resistant. It meets the same industry standards – FDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency – and contains no animal-derived components. It, too, offers full vacuum capabilities and is multi-layered for durability and flexibility. Its cover is gray nitrile rubber, and it may be Cleaned In Place.

Applications for nitrile include potable water, non-alcoholic beverages, juices, oily/fatty or dry bulk foods, milk, and dairy products. Nitrile and butyl have potable water and juice applications in common, but then some noticeable differences appear. While butyl hose works well with beer, wine and alcoholic beverage transfer, nitrile is not suited for these liquids. Unlike butyl, nitrile handles dairy and oily or fatty foods, milk, and dry bulk foods well.

Regarding sizes, nitrile hose is offered in a broader range – from 1" to 4" I.D. – and fittings choices are more varied; in addition to Tri-Clamp fittings, I-line, cam and groove, and tube weld styles are available.

chart - butyl v nitrile

Both butyl and nitrile hose is available from stock from NewAge Industries in bulk quantities or as fabricated hose assemblies. Visit http://www.foodandbeveragehose.com for further details, or contact a NewAge sales representative with your questions.


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