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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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Strategies for Preventing Kinks in Tubing

Kinks in tubing can cause a lot more trouble than one would expect. They disrupt fluid flow, jeopardize product integrity, and even pose safety risks. So, how does one tackle the multifaceted issue of keeping…

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Tubing Tip #15

Tubing Buying Tip #15: Incompatible Ingredients What will move through the tubing or reinforced hose you’ll be using? The ingredients…

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Tubing Tip #14

Tubing Tip #14: Abrasion and Corrosion Resistance If your application involves the movement of tubing or hose against other equipment,…

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Tubing Tip #13

Tubing Buying Tip #13: Flammability Tubing and reinforced hose applications that involve high temperatures or electricity can lead to concerns…

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NewAge Welcomes A New Board Member

We are pleased to introduce our new member to NewAge’s Board of Directors, Terry Hisey. Our Board of Directors consists…

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Tubing Tip #12

Tubing Buying Tip #12: Moisture Does your application involve water, condensation, or humidity? Tubing and reinforced hose materials react to…

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Tubing Tip #11

Tubing Buying Tip #11: Hardness/Softness/Durometer What’s the appropriate tubing softness or hardness for your application? Tubing hardness is measured as…

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Four Myths About Clamps

In this blog, we explore four common myths about clamps. Myth 1: Clamps are always easy to install. Usually, they…

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Four Myths About Fittings

Not all fittings for plastic tubing and hose are created equally. There are many different fitting materials and styles, each…

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