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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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The Future of Medical Tubing

The April edition of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO), a magazine that focuses on medical device outsource manufacturing, features an in-depth article on trends in medical tubing. Topics covered include: Healthcare changes that influence medical tubing…

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silicone tubing, silicone hose

NewAge® Industries Announces New Roles for Two Key Sales Team Members

Southampton, PA — Tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries has promoted Ken Liszewski and Tony Szoka to new positions. Liszewski is now…

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NewAge® Industries Expands Warehouse Space at Its Southeastern Pennsylvania Headquarters

Southampton, PA — Plastic and silicone tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries, the manufacturer of AdvantaPure® high purity products and BrewSavor® hose…

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NewAge® Industries-AdvantaPure® Looks to Hire Dozens of New Employee-Owners as It Expands

Southampton, PA — NewAge Industries has been growing substantially over the past several years. The company launched its AdvantaPure high purity products…

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NewAge® Industries-AdvantaPure® Partners with CleanSpace & Genesis on New Project

Southampton, PA — NewAge Industries, the parent company of AdvantaPure, recently purchased a building in Warrington, Pa., just a few…

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NewAge® Industries-AdvantaPure® Expands on Recent Purchase of Additional Facility

Southampton, PA — In May, NewAge Industries, the parent company of AdvantaPure, bought two of three units in a building…

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NewAge® Industries Announces New Plan to Recycle Silicone Tubing Waste

Southampton, PA — Plastic and silicone tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries is now able to recycle the waste from its silicone…

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NewAge® Industries Appoints New Members to its Board of Directors

Southampton, PA — Plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries recently named two new members to its Board of Directors. The gentlemen…

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NewAge® Industries Purchases Additional Facility to Increase Capacity & Ensure Continuity of Product Manufacturing

Southampton, PA — This month NewAge Industries closed a deal to buy two building units at a location within seven…

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