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Top 20 Tubing and Hose Buying Tips, Part One

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Urebrade® Braid Reinforced
Polyurethane Hose

Urebrade® Braid Reinforced Polyurethane Hose



  • Open mesh polyester braiding incorporated within the wall of flexible, ether-based polyurethane
  • Offers much greater pressure capability than unreinforced polyurethane tubing
  • Made from non-toxic raw ingredients conforming to FDA standards
  • Raw materials are listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 61) for use with potable water
  • Resistant to weathering†, tearing, impact, abrasion, radiation exposure, oils, greases, and fuels††
  • Wide range of temperature resistance; -90°F to 175°F
  • Free of DEHP, phthalates, BPA and conflict minerals
  • RoHS compliant
  • Naturally transparent for visual contact with the flow



Abrasive Powder Transfer Agricultural Lines Air Tools Cement Slurries Granular Transfer  Hydraulic Lines Lubricated Air Feeds • Lubrication Lines   Nuclear Power Facilities   Oil & Fuel Lines†† Petroleum Products Transfer†† Robotics Transfer Lines for Clean Liquids Transfer Lines for Internal Contamination Fluids Well Pipe & Cable Jacket

Fittings & Clamps

  • Thermobarb® Plastic Multi-Barbed Fittings
  • Thermobarb® FDA Polypropylene Barbed Y Fittings
  • Thermobarb® Brass Barbed Fittings
  • Cam Operated Couplings
  • Oetiker® Ear Type Clamps
  • Kwik Clamp™ Nylon Double Bond Clamps
  • Stainless Steel Worm Gear Clamps

Physical Properties**

Hardness, Shore A ±5

Tensile Strength, psi

Elongation at Break, %

Brittle Temperature, °F

Max. Operating Temperature, °F






**Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for the application.


†Hydrolytic Stability — UREBRADE is supplied in an ether formulation, making it resistant to attack from moisture and fungi. The raw materials used in UREBRADE are listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 61).


Where applications involve repeated flexing, heavy vibration, or abrasion, UREBRADE offers superior service life over other materials.

Ester-based UREBRADE is available through minimum order — call for details.


††Due to additives in today’s gasoline and petroleum products, field testing should be performed.


For easy identification, transparent UREBRADE is imprinted with the trademarked name.


Part NumberNoteIDODWallAvailable LengthsWorking PSI (at 70°F)Bend Radius (in.)Weight (lbs/100 ft)
2200072[B].250.470.11050, 100250.7506.04
2200149[B].375.630.12750, 100190.7509.78
2200226[B].500.750.12525, 50, 1001501.50011.92
2200380.7501.025.13750, 1001003.00018.62
2200457[B]1.0001.300.15025, 50, 100803.50026.32
22005341.2501.710.23050, 100754.00051.94
2200611[B]1.5001.930.21550, 100505.50056.26

[B] Limited stock item; lead times and minimums may apply — call for details.
Add length suffix to part number when ordering. Example: 100 ft. of 1/4″ I.D. x .470″ O.D. standard hose is part number 220 0072-100.
Working pressures are calculated from burst testing using a 4:1 safety factor. Application testing is recommended.
Cut coils available; charges apply — call for details.
Due to the coil diameter, some larger sizes must ship via truck.
ID is the critical dimension for fittings application.

Custom Capabilities

Cut Pieces



Hot Bond

Heat Form


In-Line Cutting

Custom Layline

All custom products are subject to minimum order quantities and lead times. For other custom options, please contact us.